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Our mission is to ensure that manufactured steel products meet the established quality standards, codes, and norms. We take care of welding quality assurance, process selection and welding work supervision. Our task is to prevent possible manufacturing defects, reduce waste and contribute Client to overall success.

Who we are

We are a small team of welding coordinators located in Estonia, Tallinn. We play a role in overseeing welding operations and ensuring they are carried out as per Client’s needs and requirements.

As a welding coordinators or site inspectors, we act as the “eyes and ears” of the Client, representing their interests and ensuring that welding operations are carried out in accordance with the required codes and standards.

Our inspectors obtain several certification degrees such as IWE, VT-2, PT-2, pressure vessel certification and several others.
As welding inspectors, we can handle a combination of desk and site responsibilities. By effectively managing both desk and site work, we can ensure that the product is assembled and manufactured as per Client specs and drawings.

Welding inspections

Acting as the Client’s representative we check but not limited to the following:


That WPS/PQR are followed


Verification of welder qualification

Welding parameters comply with approved WPS and PQR
Material specifications
Bevel and groove preparations
Pre-weld and post-weld heat treatments
Evaluation of results

What we do

Welding inspections (ad-hoc, second or third party)
Welding inspections
An ad-hoc inspection visit to the Vendor is needed when Client needs to witness and protocol a specific ITP point or activity. Usually, this type of inspection visit does not cover the other ITP points.

Where needed, we are ready to act as 2nd and 3rd party inspectors. Second-party inspectors provide internal oversight and quality control, while third-party inspectors provide an independent and impartial assessment of the welding work.

Depending on the specific project or requirements, either or both types of inspectors may be involved to ensure that the welding work meets the necessary standards for safety, performance, and quality.

Site management

Site management
Site experience is an important aspect of being a welding coordinator inspector on site. It involves being present at the construction site where welding operations are being carried out, and actively overseeing and managing the welding processes.

Our guys are physically fit to perform QC checks on site. Using proper EHS equipment we can perform welding inspections at height and confined areas.


In cooperation with our partner company www.ndtlab.ee we manage and organize VT, MT, UT and RT inspections.

Getting NDT results (protocols, photos, X-ray films) faster can be achieved through effective planning, communication, and proactive management. We do that job for the Client.

Prior to NDT application we are checking the weld log, composing a weld map with all the required data for proper NDT inspection.

Surface treatment inspection
Surface treatment inspection
Painting after welding is an important step to protect the welded surfaces from corrosion and improve their aesthetics. Our inspectors are skilled enough to witness and evaluate the results of pre painting and after painting activities such as:

  • Surface roughness evaluation
  • Blasting quality
  • Pull off testing
  • Dust testing
  • MEK testing
  • NDFT measurements
Hydrostatic testing of piping and pressure equipment

Hydrostatic testing of piping and pressure equipment
The absence of a pressure drop during hydrotesting does not necessarily guarantee that the testing is successful or that the vessel is free of defects.We take care that the test is performed in accordance with procedure and code. Proper testing requires a scheme with location of manometers, inlet and outlet valve and air valves.

We check all gasket surfaces of flanges on the matter of mechanical damages, perform visual check of inner surface of the vessel, ensure that bolts are torqued as per spec.

Let us take care about your inspection of hydrotesting activities.

Key references

Below are the most challenging projects we’ve been participating in

Year: Year: August 2023 – December 2023

Activity: 3rd party shop inspection of heat exchangers

Client: DOW

Manufacturer: Nordic Custom OÜ, www.nordic-custom.com

Year: October 2022 – July 2023

Activity: 2nd party shop inspection of assembly and welding of integrated template structure (ITS)

Client: Wintershall DEA Norway

Manufacturer: Marketex Offshore Constructions, www.moc.ee

Year: June 2022 – October 2022

Activity: Full time welding coordination & NDT management of LNG FSRU subsea pipeline welding as per DNV-ST-F101

Client/Erection company: MT Grupp UAB, www.mtgroup.lt

Year: January 2022 – June 2022

Activity: 2nd party shop inspection of gas flow modifiers

Client: North Caspean Operation Company (NCOC)

Manufacturer: AVP Integral OÜ, www.avpintegral.com

Year: October 2021 – March 2022

Activity: 2nd party shop inspection of LNG pump columns for Arctic LNG2 project

Client: Saipem S.A.

Manufacturer: PTG Group Oy, www.powertechgroup.fi

Year: October 2020 – May 2021

Activity: 2nd party shop inspection of production of rectification columns for Leuna project

Client: UPM biochemicals GmbH

Manufacturer: Estanc AS, www.estanc.ee


    Vitali Praunin, quality manager

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